XXXIII Dynamics Days US

2-5 January 2014 | Georgia Tech - Atlanta

Abstract Submission

All contributors (invited speakers, contributed talks and poster presentors) should submit an abstract following the guidelines described below. The abstract submissions are open starting September 23, 2013, and close November 20, 2013.

In order to proceed with the submission, click the link below and fill-in the fields of the form. After completing your form, click the Submit button and you will receive an automatic e-mail confirming the abstract submission. To leave the Abstract Submission form, just click on any other menu options or close the window/tab.

Please, follow these instructions to prepare your abstract:

  1. The text of the abstracts should be written corresponding to LaTex format.
  2. Equations can be included using LaTeX syntax, i. e. (\begin{equation}\label{eq1} E=mc^2\end{equation}). Refer to the equation using Eq.~\ref{eq1}.
  3. Special symbols in the abstract should be edited in LaTeX syntax.
  4. References can be listed in the abstract. Use the LaTeX citation command \cite{keyword} within the body of the text. Then add commands analogous to the ones below at the end of the abstract:


    \bibitem{keyword} A. Garzon, R. O. Grigoriev, F. Fenton, {\it Phys. Rev. E} {\bf 84} 041927 (2011)


If you have any problem or questions related to the submission of abstracts, please contact the organizers by e-mail to